About Raquel John Events

Raquel John-Matuzewiski has worked in the Event Planning industry for many years as a member and partner of Simple El’egance Events; a successful and thriving Wedding Planning business.

Why this, why now.  Well, why not.  For over 5 years I have been a part of creating, managing and executing magical events for happy and excited couples and have still so much more to create once that special day is over.  My quest to carve out a new opportunity was only rivalled by my enthusiasm to plan events outside of the wedding industry that would leave the same indelible mark.  The exuberance and passion that has lived in me for all things events and lifestyle related has brought me to this place.  Whether it be career launching events or occasions to raise funds, awareness or recognition, I believe they all demand the same attention to detail, creativity, efficiency and memorable imagery that I bring to each endeavour.  These characteristics and skills were developed and nurtured from an extensive background in finance and planning corporate social events with much success.