We provide a team of professionals that offers you opportunities to engage, entertain and educate in any given event.

We believe great value can come from spaces designed to reach your target audience or guests in a meaningful way through vibrant imagery, careful thought and a lasting footprint.

Event Planning has evolved; especially in the past year to incorporate so much more than what one would traditionally attribute to planning and those aspects have always intrigued and driven/ excited me…hence the creation of Raquel John Events.

Current changes to how we conduct ourselves socially have certainly created challenges,
but that is the number one skill of Event Planners and Coordinators everywhere.
The desire to reach people in significant ways will now fall to those who embrace change,
evolve and adapt their business model to ensure a seamless transition.

Taking challenges head on creates opportunities you may never have known existed.
This what I bring, this is what I do.

Hello, I’m Raquel and I am Owner and Lead Planner of Raquel
John Events. My passion for planning and creating memorable
events began over 20 years ago. Even when my career in
finance was keeping me extremely engaged, it could never seem
to overshadow my vigour for cultivating and producing
exceptional events. Crunching numbers and setting budgets by day,
while enthusiastically creating events any opportunity I could seize.

Passion eventually won out and after quite a bit of
encouragement from family and friends who benefitted from my
passion; Raquel John Events was born. And born it was,
because this venture, this business/pursuit is more than a
business – it’s my baby.

The satisfaction achieved from taking a vision in its infancy stage
and transforming it into a fully grown experience that is not
merely memorable, but leaves guests and participants wanting
more – that is success in my books. That drive for success and
ultimate fulfillment is what fuels my day and is what I bring to my
clients each and every day. That drive also fuels my innovation
and desire to do and be more because there is always more.

I along with my team will settle for nothing less because that is
what you deserve.

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